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Space manufacturing car semi-trailers

Space manufacturing car semi-trailers

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Car Haulers

Hyundai made waves in with its first fuel cell electric vehicle FCEV. Together, the two concepts preview a possible future of transporting goods. The semi-truck, called the Hyundai HDC-6 Neptune, is an evolution of the Class 8 truck into a sleek, technology-packed cargo hauler with a modern design that borrows heavily from the Art Deco designs of streamliner railway trains from the early to middle 20th century.

One of the more striking design elements is the large grille needed for maximizing cooling. It stretches around the lower portion of the cab while hiding integrated steps. The trailer also features a new, enhanced structural design where the side walls, roof, and front wall are made from the same one-piece foam panel. This makes the trailer lighter, stronger, and better insulated. Right now, the technology is still in its infancy with limited availability across the United States.

This is a problem facing several hydrogen-powered vehicles currently on the market. However, Hyundai is investing to accelerate hydrogen fuel-cell development and the necessary infrastructure needed. The tractor-trailer combination provides a window into the future of the transportation in the U. Hyundai is a global leader in fuel cell technology. In , Hyundai launched the first mass-produced and commercially available fuel cell electric vehicle.

Hyundai has the necessary processes and experience to develop the quality vehicles that support its FCEV vision for a hydrogen ecosystem. For commercial vehicles, fuel cells are the perfect fit for heavy duty trucks and long driving distances due to higher drive range, higher payload, less refueling time and ultimately lower costs.

Moving forward, Hyundai will start exploring opportunities in the United States commercial vehicle market, as well as being open to working with other partners to pave the way to establish a hydrogen ecosystem for CV. The concept trailer, developed in collaboration with Air Liquide, is changing the way Hyundai Translead provides refrigerated transportation.

The pioneering twentieth century industrial designer, Henry Dreyfuss, applied a prime example of Art Deco design for the New York Central Railroad in the 's, symbolizing the greatest technological wonder of the era, while looking bold and iconic at the same time. HDC-6 NEPTUNE employs this inspired function driven design, with new ways to combine both form and function to create an entirely unique new solution within the commercial vehicle industry, while offering a holistic global approach.

This creates a distinctive image while maximizing airflow. The grill concept also integrates the retractable steps, which are cleverly hidden. The combination of both cab over engine and conventional bonnet truck formats achieves packaging efficiency and improved ergonomics. Hyundai has already expanded its global leadership in fuel cell technology. Through its joint venture with H2 Energy, Hyundai is commercializing fuel cell electric trucks by providing 1, FCEV heavy-duty trucks to the Swiss commercial vehicle market, beginning through to The HT Nitro ThermoTech concept trailer provides a response to the rising challenges of clean transportation: reducing greenhouse gases and dependence on fossil fuels while maintaining competitiveness.

Temperatures are reduced more quickly than a traditional refrigeration unit and maintained with precise control of desired temperatures. The intelligent control system and independent cooling power maximize thermal efficiency. The HT Nitro ThermoTech concept trailer cooling unit is virtually noiseless which significantly reduces noise pollution for drivers as well as at the point of deliveries.

This is a significant advantage for night-time deliveries in urban and suburban neighborhoods where noise can be distracting. The HT Nitro ThermoTech reduces pollutants and emissions while providing reliable and effective cold chain food transportation. The side wall, front wall, and roof are each constructed as a one-piece, structural sandwich foam panel with Fiber Reinforced Polymer FRP skins. The materials are made without posts and roof bows. The one-piece structural foam panel design creates a lighter weight trailer with increased wall strength and enhanced thermal efficiency, while maintaining the same cubic trailer volume.

The improved structure panels are bonded to the rails, which reduce thermal bridges, remove potential water intrusion, and provide a cleaner finish. Home Hyundai News Concept Cars. By : Anthony Alaniz. The company is also considering entering the U. Source: Hyundai. Hide press release Show press release. Car Buying Service Get upfront price offers on local inventory.

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Car carrier trailer

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Hyundai's hydrogen future just got a lot bigger. Hyundai already has thousands of its semi-trailers on the road in the U. Globally, it's a different story, since fossil-fuel Hyundai semi-tractors are sold in more than countries, and the company's zero-emission truck future is starting outside the U. Hyundai will also deliver the first of hydrogen-powered semi-tractors to companies in Switzerland later this year. While the powertrain in these trucks is zero emission, the look is a more standard cab-over design based on Hyundai's XCient truck.

Semi-trailer truck

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What’s inside a NASCAR semi car hauler?

Featherlite car haulers help you move! Whether you're hauling race cars to the track or vintage cars to a show or race, Featherlite will help you get your vehicles to their destinations. In addition to racing, Featherlite customizes car haulers for transporting vintage and custom cars. Featherlite's transporters with an upper deck allow for storage of up to 3 cars in the top of the trailer.

Until recently, telematics systems for semi-trailers were new. Many carriers questioned even the purposefulness of using such solutions.

The transport of heavy goods vehicles by sea can be done by ferry services or motorways of the sea. If the ferry services between islands do not represent an alternative to all-road transport, the other links between European ports, along with the motorways of the sea do. The ship carries both brand new vehicles and trailers loaded with parts.

Telematics in semi-trailers – the market is developing at a quick pace

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According to this definition, a vehicle includes a trailer being towed. the first and second semitrailers of a truck tractor-semitrailer-semitrailer combination. A "pickup truck" is a motor truck with a manufacturer's gross vehicle weight rating of  Missing: Space.

Horseshoes for workhorses were produced here, for example. Development took its course. In the year , Berthold Faymonville constructed a new production hall right next door, motivated by the increasing space required for the manufacture of forestry vehicles for local and regional clients. In the late s the first semi-trailers were constructed, and the first low-bed trailers for transporting glass were introduced in

A semi-tractor-trailer truck , also known simply as a semi-trailer truck , tractor-trailer truck , semi-tractor truck , semi-truck , trailer truck or tractor truck , is the combination of a tractor unit and one, or more, semi-trailers to carry freight. A semi-trailer attaches to the tractor with a type of hitch called a fifth-wheel. It is variously known as a transport truck , transfer truck or articulated truck , abbreviated artic , in Canada , semi-lorry or single lorry in Australia and New Zealand , semi-tractor-trailer , semi-trailer , tractor-trailer , semi-tractor , semi , trailer , tractor , big rig or eighteen-wheeler in the United States and articulated lorry in the United Kingdom and Ireland. In North America , the combination vehicles made up of a powered truck and one or more semitrailers are known as "semis", "semitrailers", [1] "tractor-trailers", "big rigs", "semi-trucks", "eighteen-wheelers" or "semi-tractor-trailers".

Hyundai made waves in with its first fuel cell electric vehicle FCEV. Together, the two concepts preview a possible future of transporting goods. The semi-truck, called the Hyundai HDC-6 Neptune, is an evolution of the Class 8 truck into a sleek, technology-packed cargo hauler with a modern design that borrows heavily from the Art Deco designs of streamliner railway trains from the early to middle 20th century. One of the more striking design elements is the large grille needed for maximizing cooling.

Engine parts will be altered, tested on the track, and altered again until the racecar is operating at peak performance. The support team has to be able to prepare the racecar for any kind of weather and any track condition, which means they have to have several different variations of the same part.

Improve safety, enhance the working environment, enable staged production processes. When space is at a premium, moving large and awkward loads can present challenges to safety and efficiency. Thanks to our innovative Trailer Moving Systems, manufacturers of articulated semi-trailers are benefitting from leaner, safer operations - even in the most congested of environments. The small footprint of our machines also means that warehouse and production space can be used much more effectively.

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A car carrier trailer , known variously as a car-carrying trailer , car hauler , auto transport trailer , etc. Modern car carrier trailers can be open or enclosed. Most commercial trailers have built-in ramps for loading and off-loading cars, as well as power hydraulics to raise and lower ramps for stand-alone accessibility. Commercial-size car carrying trailers are commonly used to ship new cars from the manufacturer to auto dealerships; in the U.

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