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Storage commercial woolen yarn

Storage commercial woolen yarn

In , a couple with science backgrounds were looking for a small business in a rural location when they came across an ad in a county journal. Discovering the ad was for an old wool mill in Genoa, New York , they took the opportunity to take over operations from the previous owners. After a week of on-site training, they found themselves on a whole new adventure in life. Now with 14 Hog Island Sheep , 29 chickens, several goats, and a cow, Jay Ardai and Suzanne O'Hara run the Fingerlakes Woolen Mill , a sustainable operation that functions in a local context and produces beautiful, natural fibers that many eco-minded New York designers use in their work. Suzanne had been a fiber hobbyist but never envisioned running a mill with Jay.

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Sock Yarn (105)

Keeping an organized stash will help you know what you have, find what you need, and make projects you love. What tips would you add to this list? Have you used any of these? Tell us all about it in the comments section below! Wonderful posting. I just bought a ton of yarn today and I have no idea what to do with it. Currently all my yarn is in a number of bags. Thank you for this posting. Looks nice too! Thanks for the suggestions. They should help in finding what you already have when a new pattern or idea pops up.

Plastic milk carton crates work well stacked for yarn storage. Stack on side so opening is to the front. I found a clear plastic duffle bag from Arizona Jean Company — possibly a promotion?

The zippered plastic covers from bedspreads and sheetsets would work, too. I recently went through my stash and donated two boxes of yarn that I had not used in over 2 years to the women at my local Project Linus group. What a great feeling! I use 3 pop-up nylon laundry hampers with 3 compartments each. I store a different color in each compartment. I can easily see what I have and they can even hang by their handles on the wall. Great tips! I use zippered plastic containers that came with sheets, comforters etc.

Currently, they are sorted by colors, not type. I would like a hanging shoe bag. Someone had one on Knitting Paradise — it looked like it would work great! I use clear, vinyl, hanging sweater storage bags to sort my yarn. The rest of my yarn is sorted by color, though I have one shelf for small partial balls of various colors.

I make myself donate any yarn amount smaller than a tennis ball Not only do I sort by color and weight , I sort by fiber too. My other thought on storing yarns is to keep the labels with yarn so you know what brand, weight, shade. Need to pull out all my plastic containers and sort again.

I created labels and have the bins and will be sorting, shifting and reorganizing this weekend. If I have a pattern and yarn together, they are going in a zip lock bag. I have two gal clear storage boxes that are full. That way, the yarn stays clean and fur free. I have several animals. I do the same thing! Slight difference though, I use old large oatmeal containers.

Pop the yarn skein in, poke a hole in the lid, feed the yarn throught the hole and pop the lid on the container! I took a large bucket with a lid, drilled out a hole and put in a grommet, then threaded all the colors through the grommet. When making a piece with multiple colors I can keep all the skeins together in the bucket and not have everything all over the livingroom! Will you post a photo of your bottle? I am wandering through Lion blogs while doing the current KAL, and happened upon your comments—I use both of these ideas: the plastic bottles mine are milk jugs and the containers mine are the big iced tea ones.

Try Walmart, although I have sometimes found them at Safeway. Christmas is a good time of year to stock up on these, since people usually have need of larger storage bags at that time of year. With the clear see thru totes it makes it really easy to see just what I need and they are stackable. Great tips…I personally like those collapsible nylon laundry containers, which I use to store my fabric stash. I thank my lucky stars that yarn is more expensive than fabric.

Donate to the pet shelter nearest to you. You can also donate the yarn to the pet shelter and volunteers like me! Thank you for the wonderful idea. I know my cat loves to lie on knitwear and she seems comforted by it, if it did the same for a shelter pet all the better. Thanks again. Zipper style storage bags are the easiest to open and close and are perfect for those small bits of yarn, or those skeins of eyelash type yarns that like to lose their label.

The bags prevent huge tangled messes. Certain yarns work best for warping my loom for scarves. Easy to see thru and easy to pick up and move a bunch of yarn around when I need to get to something else. I was quite disapointed when i ordered new sheets and comforters for my kids and tey came with a heavy duty plastic band around the comforters and a cardborad ring around the sheet sets!

No new storage bags for me! I have gotten all sizes of good quality bags this way. What a great idea! Also, you may notice that lots of the plastic containers for blankets and sheets have a clear plastic pocket on the inside where they put a label as to what size the comforter is, etc.

I actually keep mine in Rubbermaid totes, the ones with the lids that are easy to open. Mainly because sometimes we have mice in the house. I also make a list of the yarn in each bin where I make two copies. One is taped to the lid while the other is in a notebook. Mainly because I have a bad back and it is easiler to look in the notebook than pulling out the bins. When caking, before I pull yarn off the holder, I slip the label into the middle.

It makes for a pleasant surprise down the road when you finally decide what to make with that yarn. Like clothes that are super cheap that you buy, take home and realise your mistake- I have done that with yarn. Organize or participate in a knit for charity project, gather your knitting friends,exchange yarn so everyone is working with something new to them. Chat, knit, give. Also really easy to work from these wound balls.

I donated my odds and ends to the elementary school where several friends teach, figuring it would only be used in art class. My yarn has been used in math class to teach about triangles and squares and other shapes and by a history class to show the routes of early American explorers and the size of the Louisiana purchase, etc.

The superintendent even used several different colors of yarn to map out the bus routes at the beginning of the new school year! I have to disagree with pre-balling your yarn to store. That way your yarn is store neatly and is in great shape when you are actually ready to use it! I find that if you wind the balls with a couple of fingers between the ball and the yarn you are winding on, the ball stays loose enough not to stretch, and they seem to stay together better than skeins.

I found a way I like winding mine better than the balls, which roll and take up room. Unless your making a quilt and need your yarn all in once piece, I grab a section out of the middle and cut it away from the skein of yarn.

I start wrapping the yarn around my 4 fingers, which I spread apart, being careful to keep the piece of yarn near my thumb hanging out. Then I wrap some of the yarn around the yarn I took off my fingers a few times.

I can then pull the loose piece of string with out it tangling. Commercial yarns are often wound tightly onto cones for long term storage with no ill effects. While it does relax into that state the elasticity will return when the yarn is steamed or washed. Which reinforces the need to wash your swatches.

I collected antique picnic baskets for ages and still do and they became a good place to stash some of my yarn, sorted by weight and tagged as such, and is attractive storage that fits well in the decor. I also use ziplock freezer bags in various sizes.

I have also made pet blankets for cats and dogs. Good way to wash it also. I bought some yarn online, and some was dirty. I should have thought of your idea to wash it. Really good to see an organization protocol written down. Helps to keep my attention focused and mind clear on what my goals are. Our Independent Living center for special adults uses yarn to make manes on stick horses they sell to raise funds.

I was greeted like some kind of hero the time I walked in the door with bags of left-over yarn. It was fun. My husband loves the pretzels from Cosco that come in large plastic containers with a plastic lid that snaps on.

They are clear and are great for holding five or six skeins.

Out for a Spin

Yarn companies want you to buy the yarn. You want to use the yarn. The ideal ball of yarn for each goal is different. You will buy a ball of yarn that is soft, squishy, and that looks big for the price.

Good morning Rhonda! I like to use the large snap lock plastic bags as I can fit yarn into these usually packed for specific projects and they stack nicely onto my craft shelves, but still are easily visible. The decor type clear plastic boxe are great for larger quantities or left overs, or perhaps a set of yarn I have earmarked for a blanket.

This hat is knit using only basic techniques: the knit stitch, the purl stitch, and the knittogether decrease and is the perfect project for practicing circular knitting or for whipping up last-minute gifts! And at this price, now is the ideal time to plan a sweater for yourself in the New Year. Some of our very, VERY favorite yarns of all time, back in stock this weekend. Leelanau Books. C andles.

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The price, range and quality of DROPS yarns is simply unbelievable, with a variety of yarns made from Alpaca, Wool, Cotton and Silk — and with prices starting from just 75p per ball! One of the most impressive things about DROPS is the incredible selection of over 8, knitting and crochet patterns, translated into 17 languages — all of which are available to download for FREE from the Garnstudio website: www. Available in over 90 shades, the Special DK range from Stylecraft is our most popular yarn from the market leader in affordable, quality yarns. The Stylecraft Special range is also available in 4 ply, Aran and Chunky weight, making it versatile for any kind of project. For those who would prefer a wool acrylic blend, the Stylecraft Life range is also available in these weights. To view the whole Stylecraft range, including Cabaret, Carnival, Eskimo, click on the Stylecraft logo above. Sirdar is a design-led yarn manufacturer with a great heritage that can trace its roots back to the s. In fact, Sirdar publish literally hundreds of new knitting patterns every year, and Sirdar knitting patterns form one of the largest ranges of knitting patterns in the world. See our extensive range of Sirdar yarns by clicking on the logo above.

How to Store Wool Yarn & Fabric

Download Article. Storing wool and silk rugs may sound simple enough, but you do need to take special measures Everyone knows that certain insects damage articles made of wool or silk protein fibers by using the fibers as a food source. Here's how to properly protect and store these rugs. Any rug about to be stored should be thoroughly cleaned.

Home Yarn Yarn by Weight Sock.

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Yarn comes in many colors, thicknesses, shapes, and yardages. Most commonly, when you purchase yarn it will either be in the form of a skein, cone or hank. So, what do those mean?

Yarn Stock. Each page contains yarn-specific information on gauge, length, fiber composition and free patterns you can make using them. Agents for manufacturers suppliers of surplus stock fabric, export surpluses, stocklot fabric from Salem and from Erode in India. We hope our in-stock hand dyed yarn shop will both inspire and bring out the best in your craft. Download royalty-free images, illustrations, vectors, clip art, and video for your creative projects on Adobe Stock.

PRODUCTS RESULTS FOR: Yarn & Needle Crafts

We're getting lots of questions from generous, animal loving crafters who want to put their skills to work making items for critters injured and burned in the Australian fires. Apparently they have tons more Koala mittens and sheets then they can use at the moment. Please check out the list below. I'll be posting more info on this soon! I will be posting a list of organisations to donate money to, as of now we RCC does not accept money. Stay tuned for that list. Jump to.

Feb 26, - Rug storage is simple when you break it down into steps. This guide will Oriental rugs can be treated as you would wool rugs. These rugs.

By dallasnews Administrator. A yarn crawl is like a pub crawl, but with a lot less alcohol and a lot more wool. Like a pub crawl, friends get together to roam from store to store feeding their addiction — in this case an addiction to yarn and the accessories needed to knit, crochet, dye, spin and weave.

Grab your needles for the DFW Yarn Crawl

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Commercial Wool

Keeping an organized stash will help you know what you have, find what you need, and make projects you love. What tips would you add to this list? Have you used any of these? Tell us all about it in the comments section below!

Kids are great, and we love teaching the next generation all about fiber arts! Join Donna Hunter to learn how to felt you own hat!

When I started knitting , I realized I needed to think about storing my textiles differently. Moths are the enemy of long-term textile storage, which we learned the hard way at our house from one vintage jacket purchased at a second-hand store that worked its way through three prized sweaters before we discovered what was going on. Textile moths LOVE wool, which is why closets have been made of cedar and old ladies have smelled of naphthalene for decades. I mean, cotton, right?

Dmc Flower Storage Tubes For Knitting Needles - Woven Fabric Clipart

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STORING WOOL & SILK RUGS... Tips From the Professionals

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