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Manufactory fabrication braid

Manufactory fabrication braid

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A research-thesis projects are usually complex multi- disciplinary subject that seldom due the efforts of the team alone. Firstly, we would like to thank The Bartlett School of Architecture, for providing us the opportunity and facilities to carry out our research.

We would like to deeply thank the program director and our tutor Alisa Andrasek, for constantly supporting and guiding us through the project.

We are grateful for course tutors Maj Plemenitas and Technical Daghan Cam for carrying us through the conceptual and technical difficulties. In addition, we extend our sincere appreciation to Denis Vlieghe for helping us to develop Ardruino robots. To Tsinghua University for hold the wonderful and productive workshop.

To our family and our own country. A big thank you to all of those we might have missed out. It wasn't a conscious effort to do so. Chapter 7: Real scale construction A. At the core of RC01 research is the premise that architecture excels in its ability to creatively synthesise myriad of agencies involved in the formation of design and beyond.

Since non-trivial and simultaneously legible synthesis is in high demand in the age of large data and increased engagement with complexity, such special skill architecture possesses is opening the field towards applications beyond what is traditionally understood as a domain of design.

Proto-design uses behavioral, parametric and generative methodologies of computational design are coupled with physical computing and analog experiments to create dynamic and reflexive feedback processes. New forms of spatial organization are explored, which are not type- or site- dependant but rather examine scenarios that evolve as ecologies and environments seek adaptive and context specific features. This performance-driven approach seeks to develop novel design proposals concerned with the everyday.

The iterative methodologies of the design studio focus on the investigations of spatial, structural and material organization, engaging in contemporary discourses on computation and materialization in the disciplines of architecture and urbanism. We specific looking into the composition and built of logic or material that could portainly as building block.

Potential for greater designability is explored via synthetic capacities of simulation through newly found resources of algorithmic profile of matter. Focus is on the accelerated convergence of matter and information, whereby computational physics as well as myriad of algorithmic protocols are being synthesized within design process. Expanding discoveries in material science are being incorporated through simulation into massive resolution design speculations across various scales, opening doors for weird syntheses and fissuring established preconceptions of what architecture could be.

Architects can go beyond geometry to directly design the structure of matter itself. This not only expands technically enriched material formations, but also activates previously hidden material powers toward designs beyond our anticipation in both formal imagination and performance.

Matter acquires active agency in the process of becoming instead of being treated as a passive design ingredient. Logic agenda "Computation is impregnating built ecologies, soon to exist deep within the fibres of its structure.

Increasing the material resolution and levels of information while having access to the coding of material, structural and organisational behaviours will also intensify the ability of designed systems to learn and adapt to complex cost? Additionally, there is an emergent phenomenon evident in the changing qualities of the nature of design. The more is not just more, the more is different.

Large populations of agents are interlinked by microtransactions taking place over a vast territory and reflecting selfregulatory pressures within environment, global migratory patterns and complex programming. This intelligence is being encapsulated as series of proto-architectural entities capable of rewriting existing protocols, including the inability of architecture to productively and creatively address acute issue of ecology. The focus will be in the adaptability of clearly outlined structural, typological, material and organisational criteria, as well as the input of specific topological, weather and similar host data into the co-evolution of proto-architectural specimens.

It performs as a convergence of novel material, structural, organisational and aesthetic behaviours through reinventing programmatic and tectonic protocols. It offers a critique of current development strategies both strategically and politically. As its driving force it embraces change and the conditions of dynamic stability.

In moving away from the linear, serial differentiation that dominated digital design practices in the past decade, the studio will engage with production of singularities; highly heterogeneous and adaptive systems of development across various scales.

Computationally, emphasis will be placed on high-population agent-based systems that are based on non- deterministic principles capable of adaptation to and re-patterning of the found conditions.

Focus will be on development of generative design systems, methods for their trans-coding and explicit connection to constraints. Prototyping sequences in the studio will consist of explicit reprogramming of production processes, be it direct encoding of constraints of fabrication and material,or strategies for larger scale construction processes.

Thesis Statement Architecture has been always faced different difficult situation and crisis. In order to survive in changing environments, adaptability should be given to architecture. By learning from biological self-organizing system, designers could create buildings enjoy an open-end adaptability, throughout all design phase, construction phase and occupation phase. So, we come up with a hypothesis that self-organized behavior based system can be a mean to make architecture more adaptive and achieve biological open-ended adaptability with decentralized, parallel and redundancy building system, throughout design phase, construction phase, and the occupation phase.

The adaptability will be truly dynamic and consistently keep adapting evaluating and mutating. This model was applied to the behavior of robotic swarms as possible speculative scenario for the future of construction. Such algorithmically trained swarm is designed to weave intricate spatial fabrics. These kind of light tensile structures are characterized by high intricacy, ability to organize heterogeneous spatial sequences and yield fresh aesthetics for architectural and design applications.

Three iterations of a Peano curve construction, whose limit is a space-filling curve. Such fractal logics we are interested in is their ability to fill up or occupy space, blow up simple geometry and add resolutions. Although the logic is very simple mathematics, with this iteration, unlimited growing patterns can be created. Brownian motion is the random moving of particles suspended in fluid.

The motion is caused by the impact and bombardment of fast moving atoms or molecules in the gas or liquid. Because of the density and population of the particles, these molecules changes their direction frequently. And also it will be very hard to predict their direction and speed.

On the other hands, the trails leave by these particles create a 3 dimensional fold line. Fractal infill of space and white line generating interlock of strand. The initial study we did is exploring the possibility of growing of vexel or lines filling space conduct by the logic of ' random walk'. But pure random is meaningless, so we start to control the movement by giving this particles a destination or direction.

As you can see from the diagram is that these particles move in one trend or will get to one target at last. But countless alternative route can be generated. It can be strait forward or zigzag. The study is suggesting that using of 3 dimensional navigation system to activate and creating non- linear space. Researching at UAL In order to study the logic of weaving and interlocking, we went to the University Art of London to study are the latest commercial and academic researches.

We saw different looms and study them, some of using shuttles and some of using needles. The logic to create interlock structures using now are weaving, knitting, braiding, sewing and so on. Each of this logic has one purpose which is creating interlock structure, but with different methods and techniques to create knots.

And each of this methods can be put into industrial fabrication by using specific machines such as, looms to weave, knitting needle to knit, braiding machine for braiding. By borrowing and learning these methods already put into manufacturing, we can combine with our simulation weapon and fabrication weapon to create our prototypes.

We started to look into some logic can give these strand structural meaning and performance. Weaving is one the concepts that easy to be explored as a basic construct can be used in parametric notion. By this means, different variation of patterns have different structural performance can be created and valued by digital tools.

But also complicated enough, to be the generator of complex hierarchical systems. Because of the intrinsic properties of the fabric which makes it free-form object, yet comprised of small continuous element, its transformation into digital algorithmic space would be helpful for development of similar free-form surfaces with the same properties and a generative logic behind.

The diagram shows that two logics of weaving patterns created by either soft and rigid materials. One privilege of weaving is that this logic can be applied into many different materials and also different material can be weaved together to create new material properties.

Logic weaving and patterning Weaving described as a systematic interlacing of two or more elements to form a structure. This interlock logic give us a way to organize individual fibrous material into a integrate structure. A two dimensional grid set up a site to study the potential and possible patterns to infill space and could structurally weave each other.

After a series of studies, we find out the most effective and efficient patterns is two way cross or three way cross, shown as the diagram on the left. And it will not create a structural fabric just wrapping strand on the grid.

The strands has to go on different side of each other. Just as the logic of knitting of weaving. So, the final structure in this page, we used a toothpick to knit the thread in order to create knots. The adaptation appear both in genotype and phenotype explorations construct parallel structural prototypes.

Like spider web can be built in many different site, even in growing trees. Any fabric or cloth texture material, braiding structure has the adaptability towards external environment. For example, like cloth put on bodies, the forms of fabric will change according to the movement of host. As the diagrams shown on left, we used finger as frame to make the structural in tension. While, we are manipulated the form of it at the same time.

There is a wide range of deformation the structure can provide. Textile structure is soft structure has to fix on rigid frames. With different frames we used, different fabric will appear. Weaving is not only limited in two dimensional patterns, but has the ability to create three dimensional structure as well. The model we did here is studying the logic to create multiple layering of the structure. And also the study of different materials test using the same interlock weaving logic. As we mention before, the interlocking logic can be apply to many different materials.

The picture shown the model made by two different material wires and wood sheet. The soft wire bring softness to the mix structure, which you can see the model can band and twist long horizontal direction. On the other hand, the wood sheet also bring rigid properties. The interlocking logic have the ability to create new mixed properties and even new materials.

Borrowing the ideas of the model we did above, we also trying to simplify the logic and transfer it into something easy to fabricate.

Glossary of textile manufacturing

Haohai Fishing Tackle Co. Our company supplies different kinds of products. High quality and reasonable price.

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What is a Corded Braid?

We carry a complete line of Braided Packings. In addition, our modern equipment allows us to offer pre-fabricated gaskets in any conceivable material and shape, whether metallic or non-metallic. As a company we are large enough to have the financial strength and inventory levels you desire, but small enough to react to your emergency requirements or special needs. Our ability to work with you to develop custom products is unmatched. Please take a moment to contact us and someone from our experienced team of sealing application specialists in pumps, valves, static and rotating equipment will get back to you with a quote. American Braiding has been in business since , manufacturing a complete line of high quality mechanical packing for domestic and export markets. Our modern 25, square foot factory is located in rural New Jersey, a convenient hour away from New York City. American Braiding has the unmatched ability to work with you in the development of custom products. As a smaller company, we are large enough to handle your inventory levels and demands, but just the right size to provide a hand-on approach in reacting to any emergency requirements or special needs.


A research-thesis projects are usually complex multi- disciplinary subject that seldom due the efforts of the team alone. Firstly, we would like to thank The Bartlett School of Architecture, for providing us the opportunity and facilities to carry out our research. We would like to deeply thank the program director and our tutor Alisa Andrasek, for constantly supporting and guiding us through the project. We are grateful for course tutors Maj Plemenitas and Technical Daghan Cam for carrying us through the conceptual and technical difficulties.

United States. Department of Commerce and Labor.

Braid is most commonly manufactured and used as a freestanding fabric with a constant braid angle the acute angle measured from the axis of the braid to the axis of the bias yarns for a given diameter. Braided-fiber architecture resembles a hybrid of filament-wound and woven material. Like filament winding, tubular braid features seamless fiber continuity from end to end of a part.

The world’s leading medical technology brands depend on us.

A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. New Arrival. MOQ: Pieces. Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate.

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Mazharul Islam Kiron is a textile consultant and researcher on online business promotion. He is working with one European textile machinery company as a country agent. He is also a contributor of Wikipedia. Main Features of Braid Fabrics: Braiding is a simple form of narrow fabric construction. A braid is a rope like thing, which is made by interweaving three or more stands, strips, or lengths in a diagonally overlapping pattern. They are used for various Industrial applications.

Braid Basics

Abercrombie Textiles weaves jacquard and dobby fabrics for upholstery, wallcovering, drapery, transportation and decorative accents. We manufacture and install fabric and metal awnings. We are still the oldest textile mill manufacturing products in USA. We have been making high quality custom team sports uniforms with 3 weeks delivery for over 32 years. We can cut, screen print or embroider, provide custom flat knit trim,sew, pack, warehouse and ship against your purchase orders.

We manufacture and install fabric and metal awnings. . Capel Rugs manufactures (dyeing, weaving, spinning, braiding and sewing) braided area rugs.

The manufacture of textiles is one of the oldest of human technologies. To make textiles, the first requirement is a source of fibre from which a yarn can be made, primarily by spinning. Both fibre and fiber are used in this article.

Located in a fully integrated, , plus sq. Microflex's many dedicated employees includes a staff of engineers that design quality products for reliability and value. Microflex Inc.

Braiding , in textiles, machine or hand method of interlacing three or more yarns or bias-cut cloth strips in such a way that they cross one another and are laid together in diagonal formation, forming a narrow strip of flat or tubular fabric. The word plaiting is generally applied when such materials as rope or straw are employed. Braids are frequently used as trimming or binding.

Carbon fiber fabric like this is braided as a tube and then either flattened or slit before being wound onto a spool for shipment.

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