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Produce manufacture book and magazine products

Produce manufacture book and magazine products

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So you're thinking of creating a digital magazine. You probably have lots of questions about where to start, what software to use, how to distribute it, and more.

This guide will touch on all of those points and highlight other factors you may not have thought of. After reading this, you'll be prepared to take the next step towards becoming a digital publisher. First of all, there are plenty of terms flying around digital magazine, online magazine, ezine, webzine, digital edition, digital publication, magazine apps, etc.

Simply put, a digital magazine has many of the same characteristics as a print magazine, but uses digital publishing technology so it can be consumed on an electronic device like a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. There are plenty of advantages to using a digital magazine. Massive savings on printing costs and eco-friendliness are the most obvious. Depending on the technology used, digital magazines can have aesthetic and functional benefits as well.

For example, they may contain animations, hyperlinks, video, and other dynamic content. You might be surprised to learn that the first digital magazines were actually produced in the s! Diskzines or diskmags were magazines distributed on floppy disks via post and read on a computer. PCLife was one of the first to create magazines in this format. The magazine was an executable program that included music, animation, and various forms of multimedia.

And by the s, most digital magazines moved online. Online magazines or ezines, e-zines, eMagazines, webzines are digital magazines that are hosted, distributed, and read online.

While they share some characteristics with online newspapers and blogs, the editorial approach remains more like a traditional magazine. Online magazine example from Wageningen University. Due to their low cost compared to print, online magazines can be seen as a disruptive technology. Many magazine publishers have either created online editions of their magazines referred to as a digital edition , or switched exclusively to digital formats.

The relative ease of producing digital online magazines has also opened up the digital publishing space, allowing virtually anyone to create, publish, and distribute their online magazines and achieve a wide readership. For the remainder of this article, we'll be using the terms "online magazine" and "digital magazine" interchangeably as virtually all digital magazines are now online.

Today, online magazines can be found in many different formats. They can be standalone publications on the web like this one from Nestle , they can be native apps for iOS or Android like this one from the Economist , or they can be part of a magazine subscription service like Zinio or Kindle Newsstand.

Flash was a technology originally created by Macromedia and later bought by Adobe. It was a popular format for many online magazines in the early s as it could facilitate rich multimedia and simulate the turning of pages, just like in a printed magazine. However, Flash as a technology has declined significantly , and many major devices like the iPad no longer support it. Other online magazines use PDF. This is an easy and cheap solution, especially if you already have a printed magazine.

With PDF, you can create an exact replica of your printed edition, and virtually all design software can easily export to PDF. However, there are some big drawbacks to using PDF. Notably, PDFs are fixed-layout documents intended for printing, meaning that magazines which look okay on desktop, will be:. Furthermore, PDFs require you to download them before viewing. Finally, generating revenue, leads, or subscribers with PDFs is difficult because you cannot control their distribution or measure their impact.

These PDF documents are typically embedded on websites and can simulate the flipping of pages, just like a printed edition. Essentially, they act as a digital replica. Here is an example of a flipbook magazine.

However, the same disadvantages apply as well. Try opening the above example on a mobile phone. Because of the fixed layout, flipbooks are extremely difficult to read on mobile without zooming in and out. Some publishers decide to create their own native app for their magazine. A native app simply refers to an app you can buy in the Apple app store, or the Google Play store for your iOS or Android device.

These cannot be used on a traditional desktop or laptop computer. Native apps probably offer the best reading experience on mobile devices as developers have almost complete control over the look and feel of the magazine. They can take advantage of digital text reflow — meaning that the text size and layout responds to the size of the screen, offering an optimal reading experience on any device. In addition, native apps can contain all kinds of extra functionality.

They can pull in dynamic, personalized ads. They can download editions for offline reading. They can include rich multimedia. They can track and measure reader behavior so that the publisher knows what types of content is popular among various segments. And the list goes on. However, native apps have their downside as well. Most obviously, they are very time consuming and usually very expensive to develop. In addition, you are dependent on Apple or Google to approve your app which can take time , and they will take a cut of any revenue you earn.

Also, apps need to be downloaded, which is an extra step for your readers — especially in an age where people are becoming more discerning with what they install on their phone. However, most of these simply convert PDF files and you end up with many of the same display issues as with flipbooks. Google Play Newsstand and Apple Newsstand have both been discontinued and replaced with Google News and Apple News, respectively — simple news aggregators like Flipboard that pull in blog posts and articles from various sources.

Each of these are native apps that require users to create an account, add payment details, and then allow them to subscribe to thousands of magazines published specifically for the platform with in-app purchases. Many publishers decide to produce online digital magazines for one or more of these platforms rather than developing their own app from scratch because these services already have a large user base.

And while the process is somewhat simpler than developing an app from scratch, you will still need developers and designers to help you. If you opt for this route, keep in mind that you'll be competing with thousands of other publishers featured on these platforms to get your magazine found.

Also, most of these platforms charge a significant membership fee to become a publisher, along with a percentage of your sales. Last, but not least, are HTML5-based magazines.

Unlike fixed-layout PDFs or flipbooks, HTML5 magazines use responsive design principles to adapt layout and typography according to the screen size of the reader.

When read on a computer, they feel much like using a modern website — except with a linear flow. When used on a mobile device, they feel much like interacting with a native app.

There are quite a few platforms for developing HTML5 magazines, and they all vary in price and options. Foleon offers a powerful drag and drop editor for creating and publishing your own multimedia-rich, interactive, HTML5-based magazines and comes with a free trial. Now that you're familiar with different types of digital magazines, you must decide which one is right for you.

This largely depends on your goal, your budget, the time you have available, and whether you already have a printed edition available. If budget is your biggest concern, creating a PDF is by far the cheapest solution. If you already have a printed edition and want to go for something slightly fancier without spending much, a flipbook or digital replica might be best for you.

There are even free tools that will do much of the work for you. If you already have a printed edition and you want to replicate its style and format as much as possible — and if you want to earn money through subscriptions — you might consider a magazine subscription app like Kindle Newsstand or Zinio.

If you choose this route, you will need to go through a vetting process before your magazine gets listed, pay a membership fee, and likely hire a developer to create XML exports of your magazine.

You can also expect to pay a percentage of the subscriptions you sell. You can find out more about getting a magazine listed on Zinio here. This gives you lots of flexibility over the user experience and provides more than one way to generate revenue — through app sales, in-app purchases, or through advertising.

Just keep in mind, you will only reach mobile readers, not desktop users. And again, the app store is crowded, so unless you already have a strong brand, there is no guarantee readers will ever find you.

You can learn more about submitting a magazine app to the Apple app store here. An HTML5 magazine lives on its own domain e. And just like with native apps, you have tremendous design freedom. You can embed rich media like background videos, and create fluid animations as users turn pages. Because they use the same technology as websites, you can put anything in an HTML5 magazine that you could on a regular website, including forms, overlays, frames and embeds — even 3rd party tracking scripts and remarketing pixels.

Watch out, though, many platforms that claim to produce HTML5 magazines, really just create flippable PDFs that suffer from the same poor mobile experiences we discussed earlier. These can be spotted quite easily as they typically offer to "convert" your PDFs. At the outset of any big project, it's important to start with the goal in mind. Creating an online magazine is no different. Magazines can have many different objectives, and identifying yours will affect the platform you choose, the layout and design options you decide upon, your editorial formula, and more.

When most people think of a magazine, they think of good old-fashioned subscription-based magazines. Of course, for this to be a feasible goal, you need to have high quality content that people are willing to pay for and a good marketing strategy. More and more publishers offer " freemium " models — that is, they offer some of their content for free, but then require a subscription for full access. National Geographic, for example, offers plenty of free articles on their website and in their native app, but if you want the full experience, or access to past editions, you must subscribe.

Many magazines, such as The Economist and FastCo, offer their digital edition for free if you are also subscribed to their print edition. Others, like Extra Crunch from TechCrunch offer only an online edition. If you have an existing printed magazine with a big subscriber base, you'll need to decide if your upcoming digital edition will be a standalone product that you sell separately, an online replica that print subscribers get for free, or even a supplement that offers exclusive content not included in the print edition.

If you're just starting out, on the other hand, you may want to consider a free or freemium model, at least until your magazine gains enough traction to begin charging a fee.

Most new magazines choose this route, relying on advertising revenue to turn a profit.

Magazine Production

So you're thinking of creating a digital magazine. You probably have lots of questions about where to start, what software to use, how to distribute it, and more. This guide will touch on all of those points and highlight other factors you may not have thought of. After reading this, you'll be prepared to take the next step towards becoming a digital publisher. First of all, there are plenty of terms flying around digital magazine, online magazine, ezine, webzine, digital edition, digital publication, magazine apps, etc.

Industrial Outlook. Presents industry reviews including a section of "trends and forecasts," complete with tables and graphs for industry analysis. Construction Materials.

Publishing is the business of making information available to the public, particularly the sale or dissemination of literature , music , or information using both digital and non-digital media. In some cases, authors may be their own publishers, meaning originators and developers of content also provide media to deliver and display their content. Traditionally, the term refers to the distribution of printed works, such as books the "book trade" , newspapers , and magazines. With the advent of digital information systems and the Internet , the scope of publishing has expanded to include electronic resources such as the electronic versions of books and periodicals, as well as micropublishing , websites , blogs , video game publishers , and the like.

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