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Space industry catalysts

Space industry catalysts

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Our programmes help you develop new ways of thinking and gain from commercial opportunities through collaboration. The support of researchers, experienced entrepreneurs and investors united together to help make our most promising entrepreneurs more successful.

From workshops and networking events to Chess clubs and burrito trucks, Catalyst members and partners add significant value to their work and general wellbeing by engaging in the Catalyst community spirit.

It was about how technology could engage the audience. The app enables people to take photos around event and put them on a portal with geospatial information — resulting in a map of the whole track and surrounding lands.

We also used RAPPS-asset tracking to track pieces of equipment around the Formula 1 track — alarms would go off if assets were moved out of their appropriate position.

This can be combined with geospatial data to make safety become predictable. What does that mean for usage of space assets by small companies? There will be more competition as more actors own space assets. It still needs to be regulated, but pricing will come down. At these frequencies, radars can produce 10x sharper resolution images than the landing radar used by Apollo missions to the Moon, and significantly higher communication data rates can be achieved.

The moon is thousand kilometres away; Mars is on average million kilometres away. More companies can get involved — including SMEs. But closer to home, NI has a space strategy, if you want a copy please get in touch with me.

LEO satellites are closer, so sending signals up there, processing data and sending a signal back down is quicker. That problem is going to be solved with new space technology. High frequency chip sets allow you to track smaller objects in space, so that was one of the reasons we won the contract with ESA.

Q: Give us an idea of how we approach space in the research and scientific community? Equipment is always improving, e. We were able to do this at the Copernicus Crater — Cimmeria, Mars.

Q: Tara, how do we develop a talent pipeline to get young people educated in space opportunities? Just knowing there are these opportunities. The question always is, what can I do with a degree in this field?

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Future Returns: How to Invest in Space Travel and Technologies

This book provides an up-to-date insight to the many innovations of the indigenous aerospace industry from a socio-economic perspective, a final frontier of Chinese technology that will shape global competitive dynamics in the 21st century. An industry that relies on human capital to engage in concept-intensive high tech production, this book discusses the future prospect of the Chinese system within the increasing power of global firms over high tech labour. The author also introduces a systematic discussion of industrial democracy in the high tech sector within Chinese state capitalism, and compares and contrasts the Chinese model with Anglo-American and Latin European models within the aerospace industry. Utilizing original primary data, it provides a unique first-hand perspective of industrial democracy within the Chinese aerospace industry. Her research interests include strategic issues within multinationals, creativity, cross-cultural management, institutions and knowledge-based capitalism on which she has written over 30 articles and several books.

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Colorado Springs, CO, Dec. Companies will have Department of Defense and Commercial Sherpas to assist them in making connections with potential customers and partners. The participants will learn how to navigate government contracting and how to shape their product into something the warfighter truly needs. The growing number of humans in space is driving a sense of urgency to track space objects accurately, and the increasing interest in going to the moon and beyond means that we need to be able to track more objects, further away, on more complicated trajectories than ever before. During the selection process, 20 applicants were narrowed down to eight companies accepted into the program.

Catalyst: Strategic – Space 2019

Northwestern University chemists have used visible light and extremely tiny nanoparticles to quickly and simply make molecules that are of the same class as many lead compounds for drug development. Driven by light, the nanoparticle catalysts perform chemical reactions with very specific chemical products -- molecules that don't just have the right chemical formulas but also have specific arrangements of their atoms in space. And the catalyst can be reused for additional chemical reactions. The semiconductor nanoparticles are known as quantum dots -- so small that they are only a few nanometers across. But the small size is power, providing the material with attractive optical and electronic properties not possible at greater length scales. Weiss, who led the research. We can take advantage of this, along with the templating power of the nanoparticle surface. This work, published recently by the journal Nature Chemistry , is the first use of a nanoparticle's surface as a template for a light-driven reaction called a cycloaddition, a simple mechanism for making very complicated, potentially bioactive compounds. She specializes in controlling light-driven electronic processes in quantum dots and using them to perform light-driven chemistry with unprecedented selectivity. The nanoparticle catalysts use energy from visible light to activate molecules on their surfaces and fuse them together to form larger molecules in configurations useful for biological applications.

Gendering multi-voiced histories of the North American space industry: the GMRD White women

An online conference focusing on the latest developments in catalyst technology. If you have reserved your space you will receive an email with an access link before the conference starts. Catalysts is an online conference for professionals in the downstream sector. Since this is a completely virtual conference, you can join us from anywhere in the world, absolutely free. In this presentation with Honeywell UOP, learn why and how refiners who want to maximise production on existing assets are shifting to high density catalyst for greater gasoline and aromatics productions.

The authors ask what has a Cold War US missile division to tell us about present and future gendered relationships in the North American space industry.

Catalyst: Strategic — Space Catalyst Space accelerates the development of space sector capability in New Zealand by building complementary partnerships with leading international space organisations, enabling New Zealand's researchers to gain access to a wider range of experience and resources than they can domestically. The six funded projects involve a significant degree of novel research across a wide range of fields. Researchers will have the opportunity to develop critical competencies alongside world-class partners in teams with strong established track records. We received 29 proposals in total from a wide variety of organisations, showing a promising foundation for future initiatives.

Preferential Oxidation (PROX) Catalyst for Carbon Monoxide

This copy is for your personal, non-commercial use only. New developments in space travel and related technologies are linking together a diverse array of firms, creating a new economy around the activity in their industry. But make no mistake, the space industry is emerging due to the improved unit economics of putting things in orbit and improvements in technology.

Revision This is a preview of the paper, limited to some initial content. Full access requires DieselNet subscription. Please log in to view the complete version of this paper. Environmental catalyst technologies take their roots in air pollution problems from gasoline fueled passenger cars. Gasoline car emissions were primary targets of early air pollution legislation, dating back to s and s.

Catalyst Space Accelerator Tackles Next Problem: Data Fusion with Space Application

Applications are now open. Apply now Information pack. Venture Cataylst Space is a six-month incubator program to help entrepreneurs and startups, develop and grow innovative or disruptive ideas in the space sector. The one-of-a-kind program delivers tailored support and guidance working with a global pool of expert advisors including ICC Entrepreneur in Residence Kirk Drage and his company LeapSheep. After 12 years at Microsoft in roles such as Head of Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Relations for Asia Pacific based in Singapore , Drage spent time in Silicon Valley developing Artificial Intelligence produtcts and services before returning home to Adelaide in passionate about supporting committed entrepreneurs. With South Australia home to the Australian Space Agency and a bustling and thriving startup community, especially within the space and defense sectors, apply now and join our growing community of likeminded startups whose shared experience of successes and failures, benefits everyone. The ICC engages with the community through the delivery of community events, workshops and programs which draw on the research and professional expertise of UniSA and our partners, to support the generation of new startrups and the growth of existing companies. Apply now.

Save the date for the AFRL/RV-sponsored Catalyst Space Accelerator's Space-based Want to hear the latest news on the aerospace industry in Colorado and.

NewSpace , or new space , is a movement and philosophy [1] [2] encompassing a globally emerging private spaceflight industry. Investment bank Morgan Stanley expects to show "key milestones and catalysts [in the new space sector]" and advises its customers to "pay attention to space companies". The term NewSpace has clearly meant somewhat different things to various people over the years of the s when the term picked up usage.

Visible light and nanoparticle catalysts produce desirable bioactive molecules

Our programmes help you develop new ways of thinking and gain from commercial opportunities through collaboration. The support of researchers, experienced entrepreneurs and investors united together to help make our most promising entrepreneurs more successful. From workshops and networking events to Chess clubs and burrito trucks, Catalyst members and partners add significant value to their work and general wellbeing by engaging in the Catalyst community spirit.

Space is big! And so are the opportunities for NI in space

Colorado Springs, CO, Sept. For this cohort, the Air Force is seeking to encourage commercially-viable solutions for its space-based ISR needs. The strength of the CSA lies in its extensive but accelerated customer discovery. Because of its co-location in Colorado Springs with Air Force Space Command and several military bases, the CSA provides the ideal intersection of government entities and commercial expertise.

Never before have we seen a company lose this much value so quickly, or been this dependent on the capital markets for survival.

NASA aims to build on its partnerships with the U. Recognizing United States industry's interest in reaching and exploring the Moon, the Agency has competitively selected three partners to spur commercial cargo transportation capabilities to the surface of the Moon. The hope is commercial robotic lunar lander capabilities will address emerging demand by private customers who wish to conduct activities on the Moon and could also enable new science and exploration missions of interest to the larger scientific and academic communities. The updated agreements contain new milestones, permitting progress to be monitored.

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